Top 10 Most Populous Urban Cities In The World


In this list, We’ll find out the top 10 cities with the highest population in the world

10. Mumbai, India

Top 10 Most Populous Urban Cities In The World- Mumbai

India’s largest city and commercial capital of India, Mumbai known as Bombay formerly it has around 12.4 million inhabitants, The city is located on the west coast of India in a very strategic location, The capital city of Maharashtra state is considered as the capital city of India in term of finance and commerce, Moreover Mumbai is also the main city in the Hindi film industry Bollywood as well as other different arts.

9. Tianjin, China

Top 10 Most Populous Urban Cities In The World- Tianjin

Tianjin is third most populous city in China and 9th in the world, Tianjin is located on the east by the Bohai Gulf and overlooks the Yellow Sea, and it has approximately 12.7 million inhabitants, The city is known for being one of the most financially and economically cities in China, and also it has one of the busiest container ports in Asia, its developed economic makes Tianjin an attractive city for many entrepreneurs and their businesses.

8. Manila, Philippines

Top 10 Most Populous Urban Cities In The World- Manila

The capital city of the Philippines and the second largest city in the country, the old Spanish colonial is located on Luzon island and it has around 12.8 million residents, Manila is considered as the central city of the country’s economic, cultural, and political, The city’s architecture is unique since it has a mixture between old Spanish colonial architecture and modern skyscrapers and towers, However, Manila is considered to be a disaster-prone city to earthquakes, tsunamis, and floods.

7. Moscow, Russia

Top 10 Most Populous Urban Cities In The World - Moscow

Russia’s capital and the home city of almost 13.1 million inhabitants, Moscow is located in western Russia on the Moskva River, the city is known for its historic monuments, architecture, and museums, however, Moscow is the main economic, political, cultural, scientific center of Russia and eastern Europe, Moreover, Moscow has a commercial district in the center of the city, it’s called MIBC (Moscow International Business Center) it’s the one that appears above in the picture.

6. Tokyo, Japan

Top 10 Most Populous Urban Cities In The World - Tokyo

Japan’s biggest city and its capital Tokyo, It’s has a population of 13.6 million and it’s situated in Kanto region in the center of the Japanese archipelago, Tokyo is leading in the country by a variety of industries, also it embraces many national and international companies which makes Tokyo the financial center of Japan, In 2019 the city has a population growth of about 0.12% which is quite good compared to other cities, However, Sadly Tokyo is considered to be one of the most earthquakes-prone cities in Asia.

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5. Dhaka, Bangladesh

Top 10 Most Populous Urban Cities In The World - Dhaka

The largest city and the capital of Bangladesh, it’s located in the center of the country and its home for approximately 14.5 million people, In 2019 the city has shown a population growth of around 3.6%, moreover, Dhaka is not only the largest city of Bangladesh but it’s also the main economic, cultural, and political center of Bangladesh, however, the city is expected to be one of the fastest-growing population cities over the coming years.

4. Istanbul, Turkey

Top 10 Most Populous Urban Cities In The World - Istanbul

Istanbul, the former capital of the Byzantine and Ottoman empire and the largest city of Turkey, Istanbul is situated in the Bosphorus Strait which connects Europe to Asia, it’s the only city in the world that is located in two continents, also it connects the Black Sea with the Marmara Sea, all of this makes Istanbul a unique city with a strategic location, However, Istanbul is the most populous city in Europe with a total population of 14.6 million, The city has always been from the past to the present the economic center of Turkey, In 2019 Turkey has witnessed a population’s growth by almost 1.49%.

3. Karachi, Pakistan

Top 10 Most Populous Urban Cities In The World - Karachi

Here we are with top 3 on this list Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan, it is located on the Arabian Sea in the south of the country and had an estimated population of about 18 million people, The city has shown a growth population by 2.5% in 2015 which equals an estimated 1.6 million people, Karachi is the financial capital of Pakistan and it contributes almost 15% of Pakistan’s gross domestic product (GDP), moreover, Pakistan generates 55% of its tax revenue from only Karachi.

2. Beijing, China

Top 10 Most Populous Urban Cities In The World - Beijing

The capital city and the 2nd largest urban city in China, Beijing is located in northern China and it’s a home to over 18.5 million people, However, Beijing has witnessed the most rapid growth between the years of 2000 and 2010, the number of residents living in the city grew by almost 44%, Moreover, The city of Beijing is China’s political center also it has a long and rich history since it has been the capital city for many years during Ming, Yuan, and Qing dynasties.

1. Shanghai, China

Top 10 Most Populous Urban Cities In The World - Shanghai

Shanghai, The most populous urban city in the world and the largest city in China, Shanghai is situated on China’s central coast and it has around 24.1 million inhabitants, Shanghai is considered as the center of China’s trade, finance, culture and shipping, the city has the biggest port in the world and one of the busiest airports in the world, In 2017 Shanghai became the first city in China to hit 3 trillion yuan in GDP, that makes it an economic power for China, However, Shanghai is expecting to reach a population of 50 million by the year 2050, which is exactgly the double of the current number of Shanghai’s population.