Top 10 Most Milk Producing Countries In The World


Milk is a liquid food that has been consuming by humans for centuries, The milk is known for its rich nutrients such as Calcium, Protein, Carbs, and other vitamins and minerals. Cow’s milk is used to make other dairy products like Yogurt, Cheese, Cream, butter, and much more.  So In this list, we will find out the top 10 milk producing countries in the world.

10. UNITED KINGDOM – (13.9 Billion Kilograms)

For ages, the United Kingdom is known for its dairy farms, and today the country has some of the largest dairy farms in the European Union, According to FAO Records The United Kingdom produce 13.9 Billion Kilograms which make it the third-largest milk producing country in Europe behind Germany and France, However, The country is experiencing a reduction in the number of dairy cows by 61% all over the country.

9. TURKEY –  (16.7 Billion Kilograms)

During the last few years, Turkey has experienced an improvement in milk production although the dairy farms in Turkey are smaller compared to its competitor’s countries yet the country is considered as one of the biggest milk producers in the world by 16.7 Billion kilograms annually according to FAO Records, The country also started to export the milk to European countries such as Spain, Italy, and the Scandinavian countries.

8. NEW ZEALAND – (18.9 Billion Kilograms)

New Zealand this island country is known for its various milk exports such as milk powder, cheese, cream, and butter to countries like Nigeria, Egypt, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Japan, and many more. The country has almost 5 million dairy cows and most of its dairy farms are located in the north of the island.

7. FRANCE – (23.7 Billion Kilograms)

With more than 70,000 dairy farms and 3.6 million dairy cows, France has become one of the biggest milk producing countries in the world and the second in the European countries by 23.7 Billion Kilograms annually, with its wide variety of cow’s milk production facilities, Most of these facilities are to convert milk into various milk products like cheese and butter, The country exports not domestically consumed milk to other European countries like Italy and Germany.

6. RUSSIA – (30.3 Billion Kilograms)

The biggest country in the world managed to rank sixth in this list with approximately 30.3 Billion Kilograms annually, Despite the decrease that Russia is experiencing in the number of cows every year, yet the country is still investing to develop better yielding breeds, and also the Russian investors are seeking to build the largest dairy farms in China.

Top 10 most milk producing countries

5. GERMANY – (31.1 Billion Kilograms)

The largest milk producing country in Europe with 31.1 Billion Kilograms per annum and the fifth in the world, Now Germany has more than 4.2 dairy cows and the majority of dairy farms are located in Eastern and Western Germany, Nevertheless, The country is facing some serious challenges by dairy farmers who are increasing land prices.

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4. BRAZIL – (34.3 Billion Kilograms)

The dairy industry is of enormous importance in Brazil, although being a large importer country in the past, Today The South American giant was able to overcome the demand from the domestic markets and it becomes one of the top milk producing country in the world by 34.3 billion kilograms per annum, Thanks to the support from the Brazilian government and its low production costs strategy that helped the country to boost the dairy industry, also Brazil has a large number of pure-breed ‘Gir’ cows which are originated to India, These cows are known for producing a large quantity of milk.

3. CHINA – (35.7 Billion Kilograms)

China managed to rank the second in Asia and the third in the global by 35.7 billion kilograms annually, Today the country is massively investing in building 100,000 dairy farms to fulfill the demand of many countries notably Russia since it has decided to no longer import milk from the European Union, However, China’s dairy farms are considered to be three times bigger than the largest dairy farm in the United States, All these aspects boost the dairy industry in China which may lead it to become the largest milk exporter in the upcoming years.

2. INDIA – (60.6 Billion Kilograms)

The second largest milk producer and the first in buffalo milk-producing, India contributes to 9.5% of the world milk production, milk production had increased considerably during the 2014-2015 season due to its 130,000 dairy cooperative societies, However, almost 80% of the production comes from small dairy farms by local farmers, India has also considered as a large milk’s exported to many countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan.

most milk producing countries

1. The United States of America – (91.3 Billion Kilograms)

Global’s largest milk producing country with its dairy farms that contain approximate 15,000 cows per farm and 30 cows to each small dairy farm, The United States was able to rank the first by producing 91.3 billion kilograms per annum, The leading states of America in the dairy industry are Pennsylvania, New York, Idaho, Wisconsin, and California, Despite huge domestic demand for milk and other dairy products yet still the country exports to many countries all around the globe such as Taiwan, Canada, and Chile…