Top 10 Most Coffee Producing Countries In The World


For years until now, Coffee was and still one of the most famous beverages in the world, Coffee is the third most consumed beverage after water and tea, moreover, many studies have shown the benefits in our health that coffee provides, However, The usage of coffee  nowadays is not just about beverages, but it’s also used on Cola and Cosmetics..

In this list, we’ll find out together the Top 10 most coffee producing countries in the world, Enjoy!

10. Guatemala: 234,000 metric tons

Due to the country’s perfect climate, Guatemala is one of the proper places for coffee production, In 2016 Guatemala produced 234,000 metric tons of coffee beans which make it the second most coffee’s producer in Central America, The production of coffee is considered as one the biggest factors that helped to improve the economy of Guatemala, Today coffee industry in Guatemala represent 2.7% of the world coffee market.

9. Honduras: 240,000 metric tons

In 2011, Honduras has succeeded to steal the title of the largest coffee producer in Central America from Guatemala, Honduras is a leading export of coffee which generates around US$340 million, that’s equal 22% of total export revenues in Honduras, However, today the production of coffee in Honduras represents 4% of the world’s coffee market.

8. Mexico: 252,000 metric tons

Top 10 Most Coffee Producing Countries In The World- Mexico

Mexico is the largest producer of organic coffee 60% of world’s production, most of the production is located in small farmers in the south of Mexico, the country produced 252,000 metric tons and export a large amount of its production, although Coffee’s production in Mexico has been through crisis during the last two decades, however, Mexico recently started to recover from the crisis and the production is on the rise again due to the stable demand from the market, today Mexico is considered as the largest coffee’s source of the United States.

7. Uganda: 288,000 metric tons

Uganda’s largest earning export is none other than coffee, the country produces 288,000 metric tons which making it rank 7th on the world and top second African producer, a huge number of people in Uganda are working in the coffee industry, Since coffee has a huge part of Uganda’s economy, However, most farms are located in southern Uganda, and they are producing both Arabica and Robusta beans.

6. India: 348,000 metric tons

India’s farms are known for planting coffee next to cardamom and cinnamon farms, which gives the beans a spicy unique flavor, India is producing 348,000 metric tons and the majority of the coffee production is done by small farmers, However, Most coffee farms are located in southern India due to the rainy climate of the location, Indian coffee is estimated to be around 4.5% of the world production. About 80% of the country’s production is exported to Europe, the U.S, Japan, and other countries.

5. Ethiopia: 384,000 metric tons

Top 10 Most Coffee Producing Countries In The World - Ethiopia

Africa’s top coffee producer with an estimated 384,000 metric tons which represent 4.2% of the global coffee production, Ethiopia is the origin home of Arabica beans, moreover, It is reported that coffee was discovered in Ethiopia in the 11th century and since then the coffee has been producing until this day, Coffee production has a big role in the economy of Ethiopia and it is the major export of Ethiopia contributing US$800 million every year which represent 25% to 30% of total export earnings.

4. Indonesia: 660,000 metric tons

Indonesia has one of the perfect climates for coffee growing, as well as many mountains which are the best location for coffee production, although most coffee farms are considering small comparing to other countries, yet Indonesia produces 660,000 metric tons which make it among the top coffee producing in the world, Moreover, The country’s biggest export is coffee since more than 80% of their exports are of coffee.

3. Colombia: 810,000 metric tons

Top 10 Most Coffee Producing Countries In The World - Colombia

No surprise at all, Colombia is already known for its production of coffee especially Arabica coffee, since it’s the top largest Arabica coffee producing country in the world, However, Recently Colombia is facing a serious challenge with the rising temperatures which has a huge impact in the production, Even though with the climate issue, Colombia is still one of the most producing countries in the globe with 810,000 metric tons.

2. Vietnam: 1,650,000 metric tons

The world’s second largest coffee producer with over 1.5 million metric tons, Robusta beans represent 97% of Vietnam’s total production, moreover, Coffee production plays a big role on the Vietnamese economy which comes second only to rice in export earnings, However, In Vietnam they have a special and popular way to drink Vietnamese coffee in which they mix it with sweetened condensed milk, this actually gives a special flavor and additional taste to the coffee.

1. Brazil: 2,595,000 metric tons

The most coffee producing country in the world none other than Brazil, The country produce almost 2.6 million metric tons which equals 30% of the world’s production, Brazil has approximately 27,000 square km of lands producing coffee 74% of the production is Arabica coffee and 26% Robusta, Moreover, Brazil is the largest coffee exporter and it generates a revenue of US$5 to US$6 Billion from it, most exports goes to The United States, Europe, and Japan.