Top 10 Largest Stadiums in Europe by capacity


Europe is seen as the home of many sports events throughout history, the continent has been always hosting the biggest events in sports and for that, it is famous for its amazing venues which lead us to find out the Top 10 largest stadiums in Europe.

10. Atatürk Olympic Stadium

Top 10 largest stadiums in Europe by capacity - Ataturk Olympic Stadium

The Stadium is located in Istanbul, Turkey with a capacity of 76,092 which make it the largest stadium in Turkey, The construction started in 1999 and completed in 2002 with a cost of USD$140 million, The stadium was planned for Turkey’s bid for The 2008 Olympic Games but it goes for China instead, However, the stadium renovated in 2005 and it was able to host the 2005 UEFA champions league final between A.C Milan and F.C Liverpool, Ataturk Olympic Stadium was the host of Galatasaray S.K. game in the season of 2003/2004, and Istanbul Basaksehir F.K. from 2007 to 2014 and also Besiktas J.K. from 2013 to 2016 in order to the renovation of their own stadiums, and the stadium has also hosted many of Turkey national football team games.

9. San Siro (Giuseppe Meazza Stadium)

Top 10 largest stadiums in Europe by capacity - San Siro

San Siro one of the most famous stadiums in Europe since it’s the home stadium for the two giants clubs A.C Milan and Inter Milan, San Siro located in Milan, Italy and it was built in 1926 with a capacity of 80,018 which considered the largest stadium in Italy, San Siro hosted six games in 1990 FIFA World Cup and four UEFA Champions League Finals in 1965, 1970, 2001, and 2016.

8. Stade de France

Top 10 largest stadiums in Europe by capacity - Stade De France

As the name said Stade de France (Stadium of France) it’s the home stadium of the France national football team and France union rugby team, The stadium is the largest in France and is located in the north of the capital city Paris by 9.4 Km, the stadium built in 1995 and was opened in 1998 to host the final game of 1998 FIFA World Cup, the stadium has cost 290 million euro.

7. Luzhniki Stadium

Top 10 largest stadiums in Europe by capacity - Luzhniki Stadium

The largest stadium in Russia with a capacity of 81,000, Luzhniki Stadium was built in the Union Soviet era in 1956 and it was named (Central Lenin Stadium) until the collapse of the Union Soviet in 1992, The stadium located in Moscow and it was the main stadium to host the opening and the ending ceremonies of the 1980 Olympic Games, the stadium hosted the final game of 1999 UEFA cup final and 2008 UEFA Champions League final, later in 2013 the construction started in Luzhniki stadium since it was named as the main stadium of 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia with a cost of 350 million euro and it has hosted 7 matches including the opening and the final game, Currently Luzhniki Stadium is the home of CSKA Moscow only in the UEFA Champions League games and it hosts also the games of Russian national football team.

6. Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

Top 10 largest stadiums in Europe by capacity - Santiago Bernabeu

The home of Football Club Real Madrid Santiago Bernabeu situated in the capital city Madrid in Spain, The stadium was built between 1944-1947 and renovated twice in 1982 and 2001 and it has cost almost 1.5 million euro with a capacity of 81,044 which make it the second-largest stadium in Spain and the 6th in Europe, Santiago Bernabeu hosted many occasions in the past such as Final of The UEFA champions league four times in 1957, 1969, 1980, and 2010, the stadium hosted few games of 1982 FIFA World Cup and final games of 1964 European Nation’s cup, and lately, it hosted the second leg of the 2018 Copa Libertadores final, all those occasions made Santiago Bernabeu the only stadium in the world that has hosted Fifa World Cup, UEFA European Championship, and the Copa Libertadores final.

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5. Signal Iduna Park

Top 10 largest  stadiums in Europe by capacity - Signal Iduna Park

Signal Iduna Park located in Dortmund City and it’s considering the largest stadium in Germany with a capacity of 81,365, The stadium is the home of Borussia Dortmund Club it was built in 1974 and it hosted matches of 1974 and 2006 FIFA World Cup, The stadium has also hosted the 2001 UEFA Cup Final, The name of the stadium is for sponsorship reasons and also the fans gave the stadium a nickname which is “The Yellow Wall”.

4. Twickenham Stadium

Top 10 largest stadiums in Europe by capacity - Twickenham Stadium

With the capacity of 82,000 Twickenham Stadium is considering the 4th largest stadium in Europe, The purpose of the stadium is not football but Rugby and it’s owned by the Rugby Football Union, the stadium is located in southwest London and it hosts the games of England national rugby union team, the stadium was built in 1907 and opened in 1909.

3. Croke Park

Top 10 largest stadiums in Europe by capacity - Croke Park

The 3rd largest stadium in Europe Croke Park is located in Dublin, Ireland with a capacity of 82,300. Croke park belongs to Gaelic Athletic Association and it was built first in 1880 and renovated in 2004 with a cost of 260 million euro, Croke Park hosted many games by the Republic of Ireland national football team and the Ireland national rugby union team.

2. Wembley Stadium

Top 10 largest stadiums in Europe by capacity - Wembley Stadium

The largest stadium in England and 2nd in Europe with a capacity of 90,000 Wembley Stadium was first built in 1927 and was demolished and rebuilt in 2003 until its opening in 2007 with a cost of £1.17 billion, Wembley Stadium located in London and it hosts the home games of England national football team, the FA cup finals, and UEFA Champions League finals in 2011 and 2013, Wembley hosted also Gold medal match of the 2012 Olympic Games, The NFL London Games, and music concerts.

1. Camp Nou

Top 10 largest stadiums in Europe by capacity - Camp Nou

Camp Nou the home stadium of Football Club Barcelona, the largest stadium in Europe with a capacity of 99,354 Camp Nou was built in 1954 and opened in 1957, and renovated in 1995 and 2008, The Stadium is located in Barcelona in the region of Catalonia, Spain. The Club of F.C Barcelona has a project of a new renovation for the stadium between the years of 2018-2022 in order to expand the capacity of the stadium in which will become 105,000 instead of 99,354. The project of the new Camp Nou will cost the club around 600 million euro, the stadium hosted many occasions before such as five matches of 1982 FIFA World Cup including the opening game, the final football match in 1992 Olympic Games, it has hosted also two UEFA Champions League finals in 1989 and 1999, and five UEFA Super Cup finals.