Top 10 Fastest Trains In The World 2021


Nowadays trains are one of the most important transportations, In fact many people prefer to travel by train rather than plane or car and that’s for many reasons, such as comfort, and you don’t have to worry about your luggage, plus reasonable prices, and when you arrive at your destination you are most likely to be dropped in the city center. Moreover, the majority of people have reported that traveling in Europe via train is such a beautiful experience. So in this list, we’ll cover the top 10 fastest trains in the world, “Enjoy!”

10. Thalys by Alstom: 300Km/h (186Mph)

Top 10 Most Fastest trains in the world - Thalys by Alstom

The French-Belgian high speed train connects Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Koln, and Dortmund as main stations and other stations such as Antwerp, Liege and Rotterdam and other cities from Germany and France, Thalys was founded back to 1995 and the service began in 1996 at a speed of 300 Km/h (186 mph), On December 1997 Thalys launched the first route between Paris and Brussels reducing travel time to 1 hour 25 minutes instead of around 2 hours and 30 minutes, Thalys manufacturer is the French multinational company Alstom.

9. Eurostar e320 by Siemens & TGV by Alstom: 320km/h (200Mph)

Top 10 Most Fastest trains in the world - Eurostar e320 and TGV Alstom

Number 9 in this list, we have a tie between Eurostar e320 and TGV, Both Trains reach a speed of 320 Km/h (200Mph) and that’s the reason why Eurostar was named by e320 in compliance with its top speed, Eurostar e320 was constructed between the years of 2011 and 2015 by the manufacturer Siemens and the service began in November 2015, The e320 is connecting destination in Uk, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany, while the French high-speed train TGV is a domestic train that connects the majority of French cities, as well as few stations in Switzerland and Italy, and it’s manufactured by Alstom.

8. Shinkansen E5 Series: 320Km/h (200Mph)

Top 10 Most Fastest trains in the world - Shinkansen (Bullet Train)

Japan’s fastest train is Shinkansen also known as (the bullet), the train began the service on March 2011 by the operator JR East, the train can reach a maximum speed of 320 Km/h (200Mph), Shinkansen has three major classes, Standard with 658 seats, green class with 55 seats and gran class which is a premium class that offers luxury facilities and it does have only 18 seats, The train can reach Osaka from Tokyo in just 2 hours and 30 minutes, Moreover, India has chosen Shinkansen E5 series in their future project to connect Mumbai and Ahmedabad by the year 2022 and it has cost them USD$ 16.8 billion.

7. Korail KTX Sancheon: 330Km/h (205Mph)

Top 10 Most Fastest trains in the world - Korail KTX

KTX (Korean Train Express) The South Korean high-speed train was first debuted in 2004 by Korail which is the domestic railway operator in South Korea, The train connects Incheon International Airport from the west to Gangneung in the far east stopping by the capital city Seoul, the train connects as well Busan city in the south since it’s the second largest city in South Korea, The current KTX train managed to rank 8th on this list at a speed of 330 km/h (205Mph), However, The next generation of KTX train has reached 421 km/h in 2013 which makes South Korea the fourth country after France, Japan and China that reach a high-speed above 420 km/h.

6. DeutscheBahn ICE by Siemens: 330km/h (205Mph)

Top 10 Most Fastest trains in the world - DeutscheBahm ICE by siemens

The DeutscheBahn ICE (InterCity-Express) is a German high-speed train that is built by Siemens, the train is running in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and Denmark, the first run for (ICE V) was back in 1985, then the company started to produce new generation trains years after years, Until now the ICE 4 is the current high-speed train which is on the service since 2014, The top-speed of the ICE 4 reach 330 Km/h (205Mph) which make it the third fastest train in Europe, The DeutschBahn has a possible future plan to connect Frankfurt to London by the early 2020, this line could take around 5 hours and it’s going to be the first competitor for Eurostar in connecting London with Europe in train services.

5. Haramain high-speed railway by Talgo 350:  350km/h (217mph)

Top 10 Most Fastest trains in the world - Haramain high-speed railway by talgo 350

The fastest train in the Middle east is the Spanish Talgo 350 which is used as The Haramain high-speed railway in Saudi Arabia, it also known as the Western railway, It connects the Muslim holy cities Mecca to Medina in a distance of around 450 Km, the train was launched just recently in summer 2018, in order to provide comfortable transport between the two cities for the Muslims visitors that came from around the world for Hajj and Umrah, The Haramain High-speed railway links Mecca and Medina in a maximum of Two and a half hours by a speed of 350 Km/h (217mph) instead of 5 to 6 hours by a car or bus, However, The railway expects to receive annually 60 million passenger.


4. Renfe Ave by Siemens Velaro E: 350Km/h (217mph)

Top 10 Most Fastest trains in the world - Velaro E

Spain’s fastest train Velaro E by a speed of 350 Km/h (217Mph), This train is used by AVE which is a service of high-speed rail in Spain that connects major domestic cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia, Malaga and more, However, it also links Spain to south France through the line Barcelona to Perpignan, AVE is operated by Renfe and its fastest train is the Velaro E that is manufactured by the giant Siemens, Moreover, Valero E trains link between Barcelona and Madrid just in two and a half hours.

3. AVG Italo by Alstom: 358km/h (223Mph)

Top 10 Most Fastest trains in the world - AVG Italo Alstom

Europe’s fastest train with a speed of 358 km/h (223mph), AVG Italo is operated by Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori (NTV), this high-speed train started the service in 2007 and it connects most major cities in Italy such as Milan, Turin, Venice, Rome until Salerno, AVG Italo’s trains are manufacturing by the French company Alstom and has an Eco-friendly structure.

2. Fuxing Hao CR400AF/BF: 400Km/h (249Mph)

Top 10 Most Fastest trains in the world - Fuxing Hao CR400AFAB

The second fastest train in the world is a dueling between Fuxing Hao CR400AF and CR400BF, these Chinese high-speed trains are operated by China Railway Corporation, The service started in June 2017 the CR400AF traveled for the first time from Beijing towards Shanghai, while the other model CR400BF has traveled from Shanghai to Beijing at the same time, both trains reach top-speed of 400Km/h (249Mph), Fuxing Hao CR400AF/BF have 556 seats, 10 in business class, 28 in first class, and 518 in second class.

1. Shanghai Maglev: 430Km/h (267Mph)

Top 10 Most Fastest trains in the world - Shanghai Maglev

Here we are introducing Shanghai Maglev the world’s fastest train with a speed of 430 Km/h (267 Mph), unlike other trains Shanghai Maglev has no wheel instead it floats using magnetic levitation technology, The train can reach its maximum speed only in 4 minutes, the Maglev connects between Pudong International airport and Long Yang Road and it takes around 7 minutes to complete the whole trip, Shanghai Maglev’s service started in 2004 and it was manufactured by Siemens and ThyssenKrupp, The train is charging US$ 8 per passenger and US$ 16 for a VIP ticket.